Terry Green’s new novel – REDLINE

Jake Elderfield has had plenty of luck recently. All of it bad. Which is why he jumps at the chance to do something he’s good at, that he’s trained to do; save a family-owned sports car business from bankruptcy in Shakespeare’s Stratford Upon Avon.

His pragmatic rescue plan quickly goes astray. But his need to leave the recent past behind keeps him chasing success. As the game goes against him, he’ll need his hard-bitten, cynical sense of humour to win through. Battles in the boardroom, missing money and sudden death. Pure chance or dark conspiracy?

It’s a race to the REDLINE.

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Meet Terry

I blame two of my teachers for the way I turned out. Ms L Anderson – (English Literature) and Trevor England (History); who without knowing it, made an unstoppable double act. Trevor told wonderful tales laced with salacious gossip. I have no idea how much truth was buried in his stories but no matter. I thank him for creating a lifetime’s obsession with stories that grip your imagination.  

Storytelling is a powerful sales tool. 

My adventures have taken me from cars to queuing systems. “Cashier Number Three” made my voice famous (yes it really was me!) but before that Tensabarrier, (think of a seat belt on a post) won two Queens Awards for exporting British queue management to many corners of the globe.  

Along the way I joined the DTI’s Innovation Unit, helping to promote “the successful exploitation of ideas.”  And mentoring for the Prince’s Trust proved richly rewarding and taught me so much about commitment, motivation and what it takes to win. The businesses that I’ve chaired since have confirmed my belief in emotional intelligence as being at the very core of business success. 

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First Words & that “Cashier no 3 thing”

I waited until a lifetime’s experience made it impossible not to start writing.

“You’re Next, How one company changed the way we shop” started me off, charting the tale of my famous voice (25 million shoppers heard me say those words every month).
“Cashier number three please” was the paperback and e-book on Kindle that followed.
You can play my voice here...

...or download it here.

Turning to a Life of Crime

A reader’s comment left on Amazon after they’d read You’re Next got me thinking, “It reads like a thriller,” they said. So, I guess that made the next step inevitable.

A group of friends came together to create a writer’s circle, “Chasing Our Tales” where we would read each other’s pieces and set writing challenges for next time. I wrote my first novel, Redline, on the back of this confidence building activity.
Jake Elderfield is telling me to shut up and refer you to him. (see REDLINE).

Early reader’s comments on REDLINE

‘Nice to have a crime story where the lead character isn’t a detective.’

‘A fast-paced page turner.’

‘It felt so real.’

‘I loved the cinematic descriptions of people and places.’

‘The tension builds to a dramatic ending.’

‘A refreshing new take on a crime story.’

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If you’ve read REDLINE, you’ll know that Jake Elderfield meets Kat Dominova and spoiler alert - I can tell you now that these two are going to have many more adventures together.

The VELVET REVOLUTIONARY is set in Prague in the last days of 1989. Communist rule is succumbing to the wave of democracy sweeping Eastern Europe. As the two sides wrestle for power, Kat finds love in the arms of her dance instructor and plays her own small part in the revolution. But as the communists relinquish power Kat is forced to flee the country, broken hearted and in fear for her life.

In exchange for your email address and your consent to join my mailing list I’ll keep you informed as to my progress in charting Kat and Jake’s adventures. And to say thank you, for a limited time, I’ll send you a free download of The Velvet Revolutionary. If you change your mind, you can leave the mailing list at any time – simply follow the link. I’m just putting the finishing touches to The Velvet Revolutionary as you read this. As soon as it’s complete we’ll send it across to you.


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